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Intermediate 1: Minion’s Trick

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Welcome to the intermediate levels!

Welcome to the intermediate levels: Things will be harder than the beginner levels, but you should be able to handle them.

Did you forget what we’ve learned so far? If you took a long break after finishing the beginner levels, maybe you’ve forgotten what we learned.

Did you forget what we’ve learned so far?

If so: I’ve prepared a review material for you. If you’ve forgotten what we’ve learned so far, press “Do a Quick Review” below.

Otherwise: If you’ve just finished the beginner levels and don’t need a review, then skip the review and please continue reading.

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·Intermediate 2
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Hello, Minion

We’ll start the intermediate levels.

As promised: I’ll give you a very difficult question. I’ll give you the mathboxes back if you solve it.

Alright, let’s do it!

But before I give you the question, let me introduce you to my business partner.

What? Your business partner?

I’ll call him now.

Come here, Minion!

Hello, I’m Minion.

Hello, I’m Minion. How may I help you today, Mr. Devil?

Thanks for coming. Everyone, this is my business partner, Minion.

So…a dog?

Well, Minion is a special dog. He’s got some awesome tricks.

Minion, show these guys one of your tricks.

Sure thing, sir!

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Minion’s Trick

Take a look at this lunchbox.

It looks like a regular lunchbox…

By using my trick, I can convert this lunchbox into a mathbox.

Try pressing the Convert to Mathbox button below.

Wow! It became a mathbox containing a .

Yes, and importantly: The conversion follows a specific rule.

Try guessing what this rule is!

I convert a lunchbox into a mathbox, and
there’s a specific rule for the conversion

Hmm… I wonder what the rule is. Let’s take a look at more examples.

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What’s the rule?

Here are 3 more examples. Try pressing Convert to Mathbox on each lunchbox.


Each one is following the same rule. Can you figure out what this rule is?

Hmm… I might have figured out the pattern.

Alright. Let’s do a Yes / No quiz to check your understanding.

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Yes / No Quiz

Take a look at this lunchbox:


If I convert this into a mathbox, will it be like the following?

It’s okay if you have no idea.
Just guess!

Beginner 5
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