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Beginner 2: The “Repeat” Feature

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The “Repeat” feature

Review: Last time, we talked about Lambda Village and mathboxes used by its villagers.

The villagers in Lambda Village
and their mathbox

We also talked about the first two features of a mathbox: The “Plus 1” feature and the “Minus 1” feature , which enables addition and subtraction.

The “Plus 1” feature and
the “Minus 1” feature

This time, we’ll talk about the third feature of a mathbox: the “Repeat” feature .

The “Repeat” feature

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Yes / No Quiz

We’ll start this page with a Yes / No quiz. It doesn’t matter if you get it right or wrong, so don’t worry too much.

We’ll do a Yes/No quiz

The villagers living in Lambda Village were all bad at math, so they had to rely on mathboxes to solve even the simplest problems.

One day: A villager needed to use a mathbox to calculate .

Need to calculate this…

So he came up with the following mathbox:

This will calculate !

Question: Will the above mathbox correctly calculate ? Select Yes or No.

It’s okay if you have no idea.
Just guess!

Beginner 1
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